Amilcareis - InFátima

Family Itinerary

55 km 2 dias
Advised transport

Day 1

In the midst of Serra D'Aire and Candeeiros you will find one of the most important fossil records of the Jurassic period. The sauropod dinosaurs must have passed through there over 175 million years ago and left their footprints engraved in the limestone slabs. 
But there are more secrets kept in Serra D'Aire. The Mira D'Aire caves are the largest and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal. You need to go down 360 feet into the hill if you want to visit them. 
When the tour is over, you can go swimming in the Aquagruta Water Park. 

Day 2

In order to reach the Castle, you need to climb a long and steep slope, so it would be ideal to take a car. The Castle of Ourem was built in the mid-12th century and the Medieval Town of Ourem was built around it. Here, you can visit the Castle, Paço dos Condes, the Turrets at the entrance, the Collegiate Church, the Fountain, and Pelourinho. 
Follow in the direction of Agroal and discover the only beach in the district of Ourem. Located in the parish of Formigais, the cold waters of the Nabao River are refreshing for thousands of tourists in the months of July and August. In the remaining months, the Fluvial Beach of Agroal is the ideal place for those who seek to be in contact with nature or the therapeutic properties of this natural pool. 

You should preferably take a car to get to Agroal. It is a winding road through villages and sites in the district of Ourem. There are not many road signs; therefore, you should mark the coordinates on your GPS. The Car Park is too small for busy days.

* This itinerary begins in the city of Fatima

In this itinerary, you will visit: 

1. Dinossaur Footprints

2. Mira D'Aire Caves

3. Aquagruta Water Park

4. Castle of Ourem

5. Fluvial Beach of Agroal 



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