Infatima is a tourist website where you can search for all the necessary information in order to plan a trip, with Fatima as your main destination. On the other hand, it is also a platform where economic and business agents - direct or indirectly connected to tourism - may promote their business, attract new customers, and maintain current ones.

Let us not forget that Fatima is a primarily religious place; therefore, the website is promoting this destination in addition to religious tourism by connecting it to strategic products, such as heritage, culture, the sun and the sea, nature, gastronomy, and business. Infatima also provides useful, detailed, and updated content on where to sleep, where to eat, what to do, how to travel, etc.

This platform, which is available in English and in Portuguese, allows for users to search in a practical and efficient manner for other tourist attractions in the region surrounding Fatima.


  • Promoting all aspects and activities of the tourism sector.
  • Producing and disclosing information that will promote Tourism development in Fatima and the whole region.
  • Researching and analyzing new opportunities and tourist products.
  • Producing promotional content and employing modern technologies, which apply to marketing – multimedia applications, photography, text, and video.  
  • Coordinating promotional events for private or public entities with the same role within the context of global tourism policy.


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