Reativa - InFátima

Sanctuary of our Lady of Ortiga

One day, a mute little shepherd girl was keeping her flock, when a lady appeared and asked her for a sheep. The girl felt her tongue come to life and replied that she could not give Her a sheep without her father's permission.
On hearing his daughter speak, the father told her to give that lady anything she wanted. The Lady asked that a chapel be built on that spot. Later, when the girl’s father went up to the place indicated by his daughter, he found there a statue of Our Lady.

The Chapel of Ortiga has been a place of pilgrimage since the 18th century. On the first day of July, the population of the parish of Fatima shares a communal meal and attends religious ceremonies in honor of Our Lady of Ortiga.

Visiting Hours: Winter 7h30 - 17h30; Summer 7h30 - 20h00