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Petrus Clavis

Petrus Clavis is a religious shop located a few meters from the Sanctuary of Fatima, right in the center of the city.

Ourivesaria João Paulo II

Located in one of the most popular streets of downtown Fátima, the John Paul II jewelery stands out for the quality and beauty of its articles.

Mercado de Fátima

In Fatima Market is lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and fresh meat, weekly.

ARTESACRIS – Paramentaria de Fátima

Open to the public since 1985, he has extensive experience in the production and commercialization of religious products such as implements and liturgical objects, vestments as well as various pieces of religious art.

Xicoração Kids & Junior

Located in the center of the city, on Avenida Santo Agostinho, Xicoração is a multi-brand clothing store for children and young people.

Pátio dos Pastorinhos

Visit our shop and enjoy of a tranquil environment, wide and with a great variety of offers.

Bella Lingerie

The best brands, the best prices and the best collections of underwear, clothing and swimwear.

Galerias do Rosário

Located in one of the main and most noble streets of Fátima, just 100 meters from the Sanctuary of Fátima, Loja Galerias do Rosário has been open to the public for over 20 years.


A few meters from the north entrance to the Sanctuary, inside one of the oldest shopping centers in the city, you will find the Eureca. A store that has almost everything you need when you visit Fátima!