Reativa - InFátima

Care on the road and when arriving at Fatima

Some advice:

-     Walk in a line and not as a group;

-     Always walk on the kerb;

-     Avoid main routes and secondary routes;

-     Wear a reflective vest, especially when walking at night;

-     Do not walk alone;

-     Do not use headphones or your mobile phone when walking on the road;

-     Do not drink alcohol;

-     Avoid smoking;

-     Schedule stops for eating and sleeping in advance before you leave the house;

-     Avoid walking for more than 19 miles per day;

-     Support cars should stop on the side where pilgrims are walking as not to cross the road;

-     Do not throw trash on the ground. 

In the Assistance Units

-     Look for the assistance units identified with a flag of the pilgrims on foot;

-     Wait patiently for your turn and do not make a noise while you are waiting;

-     Show some consideration for other people resting and/or praying;

-     Keep the area clean and do not throw trash on the ground;

-     Respect and trust the professionals assisting you;

-     Avoid smoking. 

After arriving in Fatima

-     Keep alert while walking on the road;

-     Follow the instructions of local authorities;

-     Do not throw trash on the ground, keep the area clean.

In the Sanctuary

-     Take part in the celebrations on the Sanctuary's official programme;

-     Fulfil your promises with simplicity and in a spirit of faith;

-     Focus on being silent and show some consideration for other pilgrims praying;

-     Respect the Sanctuary as a Holy place;

-     Do not throw trash on the ground, keep the area clean;

-     Do not smoke;

-     Eat your meals in the proper sites for this purpose;

-     When necessary, resort to the pilgrim assistance services. 

Protect your assets

Caminhos de Fatima is a great opportunity and cheaper way to travel. You should take enough money for accommodation, food, travelling back, and covering any eventuality. Try not to take too much money.
Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.