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Atlantic Road & Cycle Path

Costa Atlântica
The Atlantic Road was created in order to make it easier to access the beaches on the coastline between Pombal and Caldas da Rainha. The Cycle Path that runs along the Atlantic Road is the greatest in the country.

This Cycle Path extends from the north to the south, from the Osso da Baleia Beach, in Pombal, to Foz do Arelho, in Caldas da Rainha, and also passes through the Leiria, Marinha Grande, Alcobaça, and Nazare beaches. This bicycle route is characterised by its undeniable landscape beauty provided by the huge green area of Leiria’s pine grove, as well as the cliffs and beaches.

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1. Pombal – Atlantic Road
Extension: 9.6 miles
Description of the route: Almost ten miles of cycle paths crossing the entire Mata do Urso towards the beaches and neighbour district of Leiria, where the cycle path is interconnected and extends towards Nazare.
Main points of interest: Mata Nacional do Urso, where the cycle path develops; the rock-salt mines of Carriço; the Osso da Baleia Beach, and Lagoa da Ervedeira, in the neighbour district of Leiria.

2. Leiria – Atlantic Road
Extension: 7.2 miles
Description of the route: For almost eight miles, the cycle path crosses Leiria’s pine grove through the coast passing by Lagoa da Ervedeira and the town of Pedrogao.
Main points of interest: The cycle path runs sideways with the sea and very close to the beaches, particularly the Fausto Beach and the north and south of the Pedrogao Beaches.

Right at the beginning, it crosses Lagoa da Ervedeira – scenery of rare beauty – located between Mata Nacional do Urso and Mata Nacional de Pedrogao.

Towards the south, the cycle path crosses the town of Pedrogao. At the beach of Pedrogao, seine-haul fishing is maintained, which is a small-scale fishing technique that is typical of this region and one of the oldest techniques in the country. This centennial tradition dates back to the early 19th century.

3. Marinha Grande – Lis River

Extension: 2434 feet
Description of the route: This route begins in the cycle path of S. Pedro de Moel and heads to the north up to the Lis River and Ponte das Tercenas.
Main points of interest: At Vieira Beach, visit Capela dos Pescadores, one of rare wooden-made religious buildings in Portugal.

4. Marinha Grande – São Pedro de Moel

Extension: 9 miles
Description of the route: The largest of Marinha Grande’s Cycle Paths joins the coast of all bathing areas in S. Pedro de Moel and Vieira Beach.
Main points of interest: S. Pedro de Moel Beaches, Vieira Beach, and Farol de Sao Pedro.

5. Marinha Grande – Agua de Madeiros

Extension: 1.2 miles
Description of the route: It begins at S. Pedro de Moel Beach and extends towards Alcobaça crossing Leiria’s iconic pine grove.
Main points of interest: S. Pedro de Moel, Valeiras Beach, Pedra Lisa Beach, and Agua de Madeiros Beach.

6. Alcobaça – Atlantic Road 

Extension: 13 miles
Description of the route: Approximately 13 miles on a cycle path connecting the Parish of Pataias to the northern beaches of the district through the Atlantic Road.

7. Caldas da Rainha

Extension: 4.9 miles
Description of the route: This route starts in Foz do Arelho and ends in Salir do Porto through the coastal line at all times.
Main points of interest: Extraordinary landscaping towards the sea (Berlengas).