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Castelo de Bode Reservoir

Barragem de Castelo de Bode

In addition to water supply and energy production, the Castelo de Bode Dam is the ideal location for resting and leisure – alone, with family, or with friends.

This Dam, which is in the Zezere River between Tomar and Abrantes, was built between 1945 and 1951. It is one of the country's greatest constructions and it is used for supplying water to Lisbon, producing electrical energy, to prevent flooding, and carrying out recreational and leisure activities. This immense reservoir – which passes through Abrantes, Figueiro dos Vinhos, Ferreira do Zezere, Sardoal, Serta, Tomar, and Vila de Rei – houses in its entire extension true sanctuaries of tranquillity, as well as irresistible attractions for water sports lovers.

Aldeia do Mato
In the margins of the Zezere River you will find a fluvial beach with a swimming bath. This place is suitable for canoeing, sailing, or rowing. This beach is accessible to people with reduced mobility and it has supporting equipment for water sports, river routes, shower facilities, a bar, and bungalows.


Alverangel fluvial beach is very popular among water sports lovers.


Castanheira or Blue Lake
The high temperatures of Ferreira do Zezere are ideal for swimming. Located in the Castelo de Bode Reservoir, Castanheira fluvial beach is one of the most crowded places in this district during the summer. This beach has a swimming bath and it is one of the ideal locations for water sports, such as windsurf, kayak, or pedal boat. You might have trouble parking or finding a spot for your towel during the summer.


If you are looking for peace and nature, you will find the right place for an escapade or vacation in Dornes. For those who like adventure, there is the possibility to rent diving equipment and go diving in the deep waters of the Zezere. There, you will find underwater villages due to the construction of the Castelo de Bode dam. If you prefer to stay above water, then you will be able to go motor boating, canoeing, or jet-skiing.


Vila Nova da Serra
Its crystal clear and transparent water has turned this fluvial beach into a good option for those escaping from Ribatejo’s heat. Swimmers will find many shadows along the margins. The Fluvial Beach is located along the margins of the Castelo de Bode Reservoir and it is popular among windsurfers.