Amilcareis - InFátima

Buraco Roto

Reguengo do Fetal - Batalha

Buraco Roto is a stop that geology and nature lovers cannot afford to miss. In the winter, this natural necropolis turns into a water spring, from which a waterfall runs in the rainy days granting unique beauty to the natural landscape.
Buraco Roto is part of a Pedestrian Trail with the same name, which begins in Largo da Praça da Fonte, in the heart of the parish of Reguengo do Fetal. On this trail, you will also see natural phenomena, such as Escarpa da Falha, one of the most visited places in Portugal by those who enjoy climbing; the Chimney, a natural phenomenon that is the result of water and wind erosion; and Pia da Ovelha, a natural large hole named after the basin built under a stalactite for the cattle to drink.