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Paul do Boquilobo

Torres Novas - Entroncamento

Approximately four miles away from Torres Novas, where the Almonda River and the Tagus River meet, we find Paul do Boquilobo, a wetland characterised by the progressive build-up of turf. 
Paul do Boquilobo is one of the most important bogs in the country, which stands out for being the nesting ground for many birds, among which are the herons, ospreys, or the Cetti's warbler, or exotic birds like the ring-necked parakeet, the red avadavat, or the crested myna. 

Visits to Paul do Boquilobo are done on foot along the entire western ridge. An authentic jewel of Ribatejo’s flora, this Paul is the ideal spot for nature walks and discovering and getting to know some bird species flying over the Portuguese skies. 

Best season: spring and winter (the Paul will dry out in the summer).