The Fátima museum is an authentic time capsule, which takes you back to the days when olive oil was produced in an artisanal way. A few minutes from the center of Fátima, don't miss the opportunity to visit the museum.

Entrance is free!

Olive Oil Museum

Tel. +351 249 534 069
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Cooperativa de Olivicultores de Fátima, Rua da Cooperativa, nº58 2495-554 Fátima
Segunda a sexta-feira:
09:00–13:00, 14:00–18:30

The cultivation of olive trees has deep roots in the history of Fatima.

The Olive Growers' Cooperative of Fatima was founded in 1951 by José Joaquim, partner #1.

The mill started with three presses and a mill of troncocónicas galgas. In 2010 the cooperative created the brand "Olive Oil Fatima", thus seeking that this would take the name of the cooperative and the city across borders.

"FATIMA Olive Oil" is obtained from various varieties of olives, namely "Galega", "Verdeal" and "Lentisca", produced in different stages of maturation.

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