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Repartir wants to provide its customers with unforgettable experiences. We believe in a quality service, accessible to everyone. We have a wide range of services carefully selected so that it is more than a trip, it is a rediscovery of you. Traveling, allows us to get to know new landscapes, places, cultures and experience new feelings, which enrich our life experience.
Fátima is "much more" than religious tourism. Its location in the center of the country, allows you to have an unparalleled experience! A mix of spirituality and culture to which gastronomy and wines are crowned by a breathtaking landscape.

Consult us, we want to share this strong experience with you!

Visit us at our offices in Fátima and Ourém.

Repartir Viagens - InFátima

Av. Beato Nuno, nº 211
2495-401 Fátima
Rua Dr. António Justiniano
da Luz Preto, nº 31 - loja 11
2490-552 Ourém

+351 249 595 307
+351 965 833 912
Call to the national mobile/fixed networks

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