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Space Club

Great nights are at your favorite club!

Rua da Casa da Criança
Valinho de Fátima, 2495 Fátima
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Space Club

If you want to go out in Fatima at night, at Space Club you will find a meeting place where you can party with friends, listen to music and have fun.
Open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Christmas Eve, the Space Club presents new DJs and new parties every week on its facebook page.
Located in a quiet and safe area, the space counts on the interior with two floors. From the upper floor, where you can sit and chat on comfortable sofas, you will have a privileged view of the wide dance floor, where dozens of people vibrate to the sound of DJ's or bands that also climb up on stage.
A place that meets the new trends of the night, that is, a space where you can enjoy the pleasure of drinking a glass while talking with friends and where you can also dance until you can not take it anymore!


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