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Hotel Estrela de Fátima


Founded in the 1950’s just outside the Sanctuary, the Hotel Estrela de Fátima has been completely enewed and expanded.

Keeping its unique location, quite possibly the best in Fátima, the guests only need to cross the street to have access to the Sanctuary grounds. The interior design was inspired in the region and takes the guests into a singular tranquility state.

The rooms have been designed and decorated in two tones: one warm and flowery, the other in soft and tranquil colours with arboreal designs.

The hotel offers a beautiful patio for guests to rest during the warmer seasons. Next to it, there is, also, a small playground for the younger guests.

Hotel Estrela de Fátima - InFátima

Rua Cónego Formigão 40
2495-417 Fátima

+351 249 531 150
Call to the national fixed network

Other information

  • Broadband wifi
  • Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Terrace
  • Store work desk,rooms for disabled persons


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