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O Chicharo da Serra - Festival

Santa Catarina da Serra - Leiria

ForSerra – Associação Desenvolvimento e Gestão Patrimonio de Santa Catarina da Serra (Heritage Management and Development Association of Santa Catarina da Serra)


The Chicharo (chickling pea) is a leguminous plant whose roots adapt perfectly to the mountain’s poor and calcareous land. It has always been synonym to poverty and harshness, considered to be the ‘poor man's meat’.  The rich would feed their animals with these leguminous plants.

In spite of it relatively providing lipids, carbohydrates, phosphorous, and potassium, when given to the entire population, it started being served with fish and meat. The chickling pea appears nowadays in order to value a traditional product, particularly in the cold season, in prestigious restaurants, or different gastronomy festivals.

In Santa Catarina da Serra, as well as the entire region located in the limestone massif of Serra de Aire, chickling peas were made with corn bread as the base, drizzled with olive oil, and served with baked cod and raw onion.

This event takes place in the Sports Complex of Uniao Desportiva da Serra, in Santa Catarina da Serra, in the district of Leiria. 

This site is 2 miles away from Fatima and 9 miles away from Leiria.