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Bons Sons

Cem Soldos - Tomar

SCOCS Cultural Association


BONS SONS takes place every year in August, at the village of Cem Soldos, Tomar. BONS SONS acts as a platform to promote Portuguese music, where the audience can discover emerging projects as well as reconnect with renowned musicians.

In addition to being a Portuguese music festival, BONS SONS is, first and foremost, an unparalleled experience. The village of Cem Soldos is closed and its perimeter marks out the festival venue. Inside, 8 stages, each hosting a dedicated programme, blended seamlessly with the village’s streets, squares, the church and other facilities.

In addition to this unique atmosphere, BONS SONS fosters a close engagement with its audience while involving the population in the making of the festival. It is the locals who welcome and serve festivalgoers, in a unique communion between hosts and visitors.