Reativa - InFátima

All the girls who go alone to the Castle of Pombal will hear a Moor sing in their ear


Um mouro, de olhos verdes e pele morena, capaz de encantar qualquer donzela, cantar-lhes-á:
Menina vem ter comigo,
Vem meu encanto quebrar
Sou um mouro teu amigo
Que te quer namorar.

A Moor, with green eyes and dark skin, will sing to them: Girl come to me, / Come my charm to break, / I am a Moor your friend / Who wants to date you.
The Moor is Al-Pal-Omar, who lived there and built an underground palace in the place where the Castle is now. The fame of her beauty was well-known, and few women resisted her bright, passionate green eyes.
Legend has it that one day the Portuguese troops led by Gualdim Pais fought Al-Pal-Omar to death, seeing him disappear forever in an enchanted cave of his palace. The troops covered all the entrances of the underground mansion and, above all, they built the Castle of Pombal.
If the girls do not escape immediately, after hearing the song of the Moor they have two hypotheses: or they let themselves be seduced, and accompany the Moor in eternity; or are doomed to never be beautiful again. It is said that the beautiful girls of Pombal like to go strolling to the Castle after sunset with their boyfriends, to annoy the Moor. Sometimes Al-Pal-Omar avenges them and destroys their marriages.