Amilcareis - InFátima

Natural Heritage

The Natural Heritage around Fatima is so diverse that it is hard to choose!
Let us start with the oldest: 175 million years ago the sauropod dinosaurs passed through a village that is very close to Fatima. The proof is engraved in the limestone slabs. 

If you enjoy geology and speleology, you will like to know that this region is filled with caves: Coin, Saint Anthony, Alvados, Mira D’Aire, Lapas, Avecasta, and the Pena Algar caves. 
If you like exploring nature but you do not enjoy the underground, we suggest a visit to the Rio Maior Salt Mines, Lis River Waterfalls, Alviela River Waterfalls, Almonda River Waterfalls, Paul do Boquilobo, Buraco Roto, Fornea, or Ventas do Diabo (Devil’s Nostrils).