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Wine, dessert, dishes, soup, or snacks. A journey of flavour to the region’s gastronomy.
We invite you to travel without leaving your table.

We suggest Alpiarça’s Melon and Ribatejo's Ham for your entrée. You should also taste some of the region's flavours, such as the traditional Rice Black Pudding or the Chorizo. 
For soup, we have Almeirim’s Sopa da Pedra or Fish Soup from the River. Then we suggest two main dishes, one meat dish and a fish dish. Let us start with the fish: try the codfish and chick-pea, which is traditionally from Alvaiazere, or fish from the river, like the Mullet or the Eel, which are traditionally from around the Tagus. For the meat dish, we suggest the Seasoned Bull Steak which is traditionally from Santarem, or the Tachadeu (fried pork served in a clay pot) traditionally from Leiria. 

For dessert, you should finish with confectionery products like the Pampilho (Santarem), Breezes of Lis (Leiria), Cornucopia, Castanha de Ovos – Egg Chestnuts (Alcobaça), or the Tigelada (Ferreira do Zezere). If you prefer fruit, then we recommend Alcobaça’s Apples or Rocha Pears, Pafarrao’s oranges, or the Melon that is traditionally from Ribatejo. 

We suggest Tagus’ wines to go with your meal, from the sub-regions of Cartaxo, Santarem, Almeirim, Coruche, Tomar, or Chamusca. These sub-regions comprise red and white wine made with native grapes, such as Arinto, Fernao Pires, and Rabo-de-Ovelha Vital (white) as well as Baga, Trincadeira, and Castelao, which are associated with foreign grape varieties like the Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, and white Chardonnay.