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A region with history

You will find many symbolic monuments in this region, which have helped to write the history of Portugal.
The region of Leiria and Santarem was particularly important in the 12th century during the Christian Reconquest. The many castles watching over the landscape – from Pombal to Abrantes and from Ourem to Obidos – are proof of that. The Convent of Christ and the Monastery of Alcobaça are also a result of the time of reconquest and re-population. 

But there is more, this region holds one of the most brilliant treasures in the History of Portugal: the Monastery of Batalha. This Portuguese Gothic work of art took almost two centuries to be built and is currently the most visited monument outside of Lisbon. 
Still in the area, we find symbolic monuments, such as the Synagogue of Tomar, the Fort of Peniche, and the Practical School of Cavalry, in Santarem. In the latter, you will also find many impressive churches justifying the awarded title of ‘Gothic Capital’ to the city of Santarem.