Why you should visit Fatima and the region

There are many more reasons than 12 for visiting the Region of Leiria and Santarem, but we’ll give you these for now. You will find out the rest in loco! Don’t waste time, pack your bags! 

Amilcareis - InFátima

Sanctuary of Fatima

The Sanctuary holds the tombs of Saints Francisco and Jacinta Marto.
It is practically impossible to speak of the region and not speak of the Sanctuary of Fatima. 

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Wine, dessert, dishes, soup, or snacks. A journey of flavour to the region’s gastronomy.
We invite you to travel without leaving your table.

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Unique landscapes

Landscapes worthy of being in illustrated postcards.
When you observe the pictures you took from this region, you will see that they all look like authentic postcards. It is hard to pick the most beautiful area! 

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Second Greatest Artificial Lake in Portugal

The Municipality of Ferreira do Zezere hides some unexpected surprises, such as the Second Greatest Artificial Lake in Portugal, which is one of the greatest in Europe. Tourists from all over the world head towards this location every year in order to practise water sports like wakeboarding. 

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Berlenga Island

The Berlenga is approximately six miles away from Cabo Carvoeiro and you need a boat in order to get there.

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Mira D’Aire Caves

These are one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal and the greatest in the country.
The entry to the caves is impressive: as you can see from the name, the Big Room is a large space with stalactites and stalagmites of all shapes and sizes. 

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Natural Heritage

The Natural Heritage around Fatima is so diverse that it is hard to choose!
Let us start with the oldest: 175 million years ago the sauropod dinosaurs passed through a village that is very close to Fatima. The proof is engraved in the limestone slabs. 

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Religion and Tradition

Mark on your calendar the main events in the area, which you will not want to miss.
A region with strong religious traditions. In addition to the Sanctuary of Fatima, this region also comprises the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Ortiga (Fatima), the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Miracles (Leiria), and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazare (Nazare). 

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Castle of Almourol

One of the most beautiful Castles in Portugal is only a few miles away from Fatima. This is the only one of all the Portuguese castles that is built on the central stretch of a river. The origins of the Castle of Almourol are unknown and enigmatic. Some defend that it was built by the pre-Romans, while others defend that it were the Lusitanian. One thing is certain, the project instigators made the Tagus River even more beautiful by devising the Castle of Almourol on that small island.

A region with history

You will find many symbolic monuments in this region, which have helped to write the history of Portugal.
The region of Leiria and Santarem was particularly important in the 12th century during the Christian Reconquest. The many castles watching over the landscape – from Pombal to Abrantes and from Ourem to Obidos – are proof of that. The Convent of Christ and the Monastery of Alcobaça are also a result of the time of reconquest and re-population. 

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Privileged Location

Last but not least is Fatima's privileged location!
Fatima is in the centre of the country, one hour away from Lisbon, and less than two hours away from Oporto. 

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Giant Waves of Nazare

The greatest wave ever surfed attracts thousands of tourists and surfers to Nazare every year.
In the winter of 2011, Nazare joined the route of giant wave surfers after Garrett McNamara surfed a wave the size of which impressed everyone: 98 feet, which is the equivalent to a ten-floor building.

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